The All Important Time Line of the Day’s Event

Our contract calls for a completed Time Line to be turned into us 2 weeks before the wedding.

In reality, we end making about 80% of our brides Time Lines! It’s fine with me, I’m actually happy to do it. I pride myself in making sure that my brides are as stress free as possible on their wedding day, and a HUGE . . . HUGE part of making that possible, is in a realistic, well done Time Line.

There are as many different way to create the Time Line as there are weddings! Everyone is unique and different. While there are questions below that you may think don’t really apply, please trust me.

What I need to know in order to create a realistic Time Line with you is the following, and YES, I fully realize this starts with the end of the day and works backwards:

1. What time does the reception end?

2. What time does the cocktail hour begin and end?

3. What time is the ceremony?

4. Where (exactly) is the ceremony?

5. Is there a formal Ketubah signing?

6. Are you and your fiance seeing each other before the ceremony? If so, would you like to the family pictures before the ceremony? If not, we will allocate more time for the family pictures after the ceremony.

7. Would you like to have pictures of the “getting ready” portion of the day. While most of the brides DO want me there while they’re putting on their dress and finishing up their “getting ready”, the men are VERY split on whether or not they would like to have us with them. Please ask your fiance if he would like a photographer with them while he’s dressing.

8. Where will the bride be getting ready?

9. Where will the groom be getting ready?

10. Are there special request locations for pictures? (i.e., do you want to go to the beach even though your wedding venues are not near the beach, or go to some other special location?)

11. Family Formals: If you are NOT seeing each other before the ceremony,e suggest that the Family Formals be kept to the immediate families (i.e., Bride, Groom, parents, siblings, grandparents) with the extended families being photographed at the families convenience during the reception. If you ARE seeing each other before the ceremony, we will simply plan the amount of time we will need to get all of the pictures done that you want done!

12. How large are the families? Are there split families (i.e. Mom and Dad are divorced . . possibly remarried . . . possible that there are 1/2 brothers and sisters, etc.)

13. Do you have a videographer? If so, who?

14. Who is your band/DJ?

Please include anything else that you think we may need to know to help us properly plan your day!

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