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Beware of photographer that is constantly putting out “Model Search” on their blog/Facebook pages. If I were to put out a model search for something such as brides, brides and grooms, babies, children, or any of the more “normal” genre’s that we photograph every day, that should be an indication that the photographer doesn’t have enough paying clients to get their portfolio together.

The only time an experienced professional may put out a “Model Call” would be for workshop models, or if they have some new ideas that may need the kinks worked out, but to do it more than once or twice a year is a red flag.

After being a professional in this industry for over 12 years, and attaining my Certified Professional Photographer designation, it’s concerning to me to see certain photographers constantly publicly requesting people to photograph for free. If I had all day to photograph one “set”, with professional hair, makeup and stylists constantly at my beck and call all day, I too could produce 3 images that rock the world.

The true wedding and portrait professional will only show paying clients in their portfolio . . not workshop images and not “model call” images, with very few exceptions . . .

When meeting with a photographer to see if you are good fit for each other, ask if the images being shown are paying clients or are model call/workshop images. Model/workshop images and “stylized shoots” images will not be consistently repeatable under the *real life* time constraints of a wedding day or portrait session. Hire a photographer that can show you the same style of images produced repeatedly with different clients!

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